‘Fixing the Damage We’ve Done’: Rewilding Jaguars in Argentina

Posted on Tue, 01 Sep 2020 12:47:29 +0000 - americas

Bringing back the top predator to Argentina’s wetlands could restore the health of an entire ecosystem. But inducing five felines with troubled pasts to hunt, and mate, is not easy.

Venezuela's President Nicolás Maduro Pardons Political Opponents

Posted on Mon, 31 Aug 2020 23:55:21 +0000 - americas

President Nicolás Maduro cast his decree as a bid for unity, but many members of the political opposition quickly scorned it.

Aldir Blanc, Lyricist Who Pushed Samba’s Boundaries, Dies at 73

Posted on Mon, 31 Aug 2020 22:33:17 +0000 - americas

His songs included “O Bêbado e a Equilibrista,” a popular call for the amnesty of political exiles during Brazil’s military dictatorship. He died of the coronavirus.

‘A Hail Mary’: Psychedelic Therapy Draws Veterans to Jungle Retreats

Posted on Mon, 31 Aug 2020 14:26:46 +0000 - americas

Ayahuasca, a vomit-inducing hallucinogenic brew, draws thousands of people each year — including former soldiers — to jungle retreats that have become an unlicensed and unregulated mental health marketplace.

With a New Leader, Conservatives Look to Unseat Justin Trudeau

Posted on Fri, 28 Aug 2020 21:59:44 +0000 - americas

Under Erin O’Toole, defeating the Liberal government may involve shifting Conservative Party policies.

Brazil’s Jair Bolsonaro Threatened by Graft Investigation

Posted on Fri, 28 Aug 2020 18:12:40 +0000 - americas

Brazilians are asking a question that could threaten President Jair Bolsonaro’s political future: Why did his wife and son receive payments from a man under investigation for corruption?

What’s That on the Met’s Roof Garden? A Big, Beautiful Wall

Posted on Fri, 28 Aug 2020 14:52:51 +0000 - americas

The artist Héctor Zamora’s “Lattice Detour” is a monument to openness over enclosure, lightness over heaviness, transience over permanence. It’s also fraught with political meanings.

Bernard Fils-Aimé, Haitian Activist and Cellphone Mogul, Dies at 67

Posted on Fri, 28 Aug 2020 15:44:12 +0000 - americas

He ran Haiti’s first cellular network, which he saw as a way of raising the voices of ordinary citizens, in Haiti and the United States. He died of the novel coronavirus.

Alfredo Breitfeld, Antiquarian Bookseller in Buenos Aires, Dies at 82

Posted on Fri, 28 Aug 2020 15:57:56 +0000 - americas

He was determined to attend this year’s antiquarian book fair in New York City. He sickened as he flew home and died of the novel coronavirus.

Fossil Reveals ‘One of the Cutest Dinosaurs’ Ever Found

Posted on Thu, 27 Aug 2020 16:17:01 +0000 - americas

While many fossils have been flattened by time and the elements, a titanosaur found in an egg was preserved in three dimensions.

Canada’s Conservatives Pick a Leader to Rival Scandal-Scarred Trudeau

Posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2020 23:05:57 +0000 - americas

The party, which has struggled to respond to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s liberal platform and personal popularity, hopes the new leader, Erin O’Toole, can change that.

You Can’t Escape Lice, Even 6,500 Feet Below the Ocean

Posted on Wed, 26 Aug 2020 14:00:20 +0000 - americas

A species of insect tags along with elephant seals as they spend months at sea, enduring the crushing pressure changes of the mammals’ dives.