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10 Pairs Of Jean Shorts That Don’t Suck

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Say goodbye to the bunched-up jorts of days past.

Tips And Tricks For Tie-Dyeing In A Small Space

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People with backyards shouldn't get to have all the fun.

Meet The ‘Nap Dress,’ The Latest Pandemic Clothing Trend

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Don't call it a nightgown.

13 ‘Hamilton’-Inspired Shirts: You Won’t Know How To Say No To This

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23 Indigenous Fashion Brands That’ll Inspire Your Wardrobe

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Beyond the soulless world of fast fashion and mass retail lies a whole universe of craftsmanship with character.

Keep Track Of Your Mask With These Holders And Lanyards That Are Off The Chain

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These chains, straps and lanyards let you wear your face mask around your neck so you can keep track of it.

9 Brands Whose Products Embrace A Diverse Range Of Skin Tones

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It's 2020, and some beauty and fashion brands are still figuring out the difference.

Sexy Face Shields Actually Exist, And You Might Need One

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The badass beekeeper look is in for 2020, thanks to the coronavirus.

What Nail Salon Workers Want You To Know Before Making Your Next Appointment

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Making the choice between health and income is often a lose-lose situation in the nail industry.

These Volunteers Give Makeovers And Hope To Homeless People On Skid Row

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Shirley Raines' nonprofit does "more than something superficial," even during the coronavirus pandemic.

More Face Masks From Black-Owned Businesses, Because Seriously You Need One

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Wear a mask during the COVID-19 pandemic. And make it one of these cute ones.

The Best Foundations For Olive Skin Tones, According To Experts

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Eight professional makeup artists who specialize in matching olive-toned skin share their favorite products and tips.